November 16, 2017 · Films

“A morbid yet classy take on a morbid classic.”
— David Fincher (Fight Club, Gone Girl)

“Beautiful. Deliberate and creepy as hell.”
— Scott Frank (Out Of Sight, Godless)

Winner: Melies d’Argent, Abertoir Film Festival

A city broker hires a rough builder to renovate his wine cellar, but the classes inevitably clash…

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The full film will be available below from February 5. Select the full screen symbol and wear headphones, if you can.

Stars: Jason Flemyng, Blake Ritson

Directed by Neville Pierce, written by Jamie Russell & Neville Pierce, produced by Savannah James-Bayly, edited by Jim Page – with an original score by David Julyan (Memento, The Prestige).

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“We’re all in this together”